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Statement of Ethical Practice

Campus Living Villages (clv) provides accommodation for University students in Australia, New Zealand and USA. Our company builds, owns and also operates student accommodation on behalf Universities and commercial owners. Our business comprises professionals from a wide variety of disciplines and educational backgrounds who are concerned with quality and integrity in decision making and the delivery of our services. With utmost regard for their professions, all members of our team acknowledge the responsibilities they have to the development of our young adults and to our community in general, and accept this Statement of Ethical Practices as a set of principles to guide them.

At clv we believe that through individual action, each team member may effect positive change. This statement does not provide a set of recipes for resolving ethical choices or dilemmas, but it recognizes that it is necessary to make choices on the basis of principles and values and by understanding the interests of those involved. In accordance with this philosophy, clv shall:

Fairness and equity – access to all

  • Provide access to all potential residents regardless of background. Accommodation is developed and priced in line with market valuations – these valuations are conducted regularly and are assessed in conjunction with associated Universities;
  • Scholarships are provided to students via the University and are awarded based on University policy;
  • Implement systems and actions that are applied consistently for all residents;

Transparency of information

  • Provide a clear representation of all costs and fees, including "truth in advertising" on promotional materials, and encourage this practice in others;
  • All Rules and Regulations that define and support living in our community are available and transparent – we do not have hidden agendas;
  • Ensure accuracy and transparency in all financial matters.
  • Ensure that all systems be they financial, IT or related to people can be held to account through audit and control processes;
  • Have all documentation outlining agreements and relationships available for review;
  • Be accountable through ASIC;

Commitment to the development of our residents

  • Continue to acknowledge our responsibility through the provision of care and support of our residents;
  • Provide access to educational experiences through student programs while remaining within the framework of each University’s mission;
  • Promote the concept of life-long learning for all individuals regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin or disability;
  • Provide guidance and peer support to match student needs delivering effective learning experiences that assist our residents ‘write their own story’;
  • Foster a creative, positive learning environment responsive to the needs of our Villages;

Anonymity, privacy and confidentiality

  • Respect the privacy of all residents and have developed procedures and systems to ensure ‘their space is their space’;
  • Adhere to all legislative requirements to maintain the privacy of residents;
  • Be sensitive to the needs of residents;

Relationships with Universities

  • Work closely with our aligned Universities to ensure the best experience for residents;

At no time accept payment or commission nor provide payment or commission for association with the aligned University.

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